Sorry for the lack of input - we don't have wifi at the flat and we have been hard at work for the 2 weeks we have been here. In our first week we visited all the LMC companies to make sure that their interns from Limkokwing University were happy and that skills were being learned on bothe sides. Last week we attended and gave presentations and input to  a very successful Arts and Craft Sector Symposium  - held in the State Library in Maseru and hosted by the Irish Embassy.


Here are delegates on the final day - The Irish Ambassador Mr Gerry Gervin and LMC Patron Mrs Anna Gervin attended during the week and we were delighted that Prince Seiso made the closing remarks.

Congratulations must go to Pippa for being the facilitator and making the whole event so successful



Fields of sunflowers on the way to Maseru

AuthorMorag Tweedie